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    Ragi Burhum

    "“We are far more successful at converting our leads if we are more agile in the way we communicate with our prospects. No product allows AmigoCloud to do that except VipeCloud. Now we easily tailor our message to the needs of each vertical, respond quickly, and deliver the trusted advice our clients value. With campaign products we tried before VipeCloud this workflow was a labor-intensive nightmare."

    Ragi Burhum



    Shannon August

    "93% of our recruiters were active on social networks through VipeCloud over that past 30 days. This high adoption rate is proof we’re extending the marketing reach of ICON with a more qualified audience and that audience is responding."

    Shannon August
    Marketing Manager

    ICON Staffing Network

    Victor Gane

    "VipeCloud has been invaluable to DermLink. Using VipeCloud allows us to better qualify potential customers, making our follow-ups more successful and focusing our efforts on only the most likely opportunities."

    Victor Gane



    Mike Vrchota, CWCA

    "VipeCloud simplifies marketing, social engagement, email, and content so that I can focus on prospecting and selling. It works fast and flawlessly, delivering content to social media better and way more efficiently than what I was doing before. Plus it’s reasonably priced, a real value."

    Mike Vrchota, CWCA

    Worker's Compensation Advisor

    ISU Insurance - Calgard Associates Insurance

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    Your blueprint for a social selling strategy. This definitive guide illustrates how to make social easy enough for Sales to turn it into an integrated part of your revenue cycle.

    Learn how VipeCloud helped a national sales team increase leads and accelerate orders implementing our social methodology.

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    VipeCloud 3.0 offers Forecast Automation. Our vision is to allow you to get back to what you do best, sell, and not let a product get in your way. We do this by eliminating as much manual entry for you as we can, while at the same time capturing all the needed information to forecast accurately. We offer sales, pipeline, and campaign functionality so all your activities can be managed together seamlessly.


    Overtime VipeCloud's offering has expanded to meet our customer needs.

    VipeCloud 1.0 introduced the world to team social selling.

    VipeCloud 2.0 added email effectiveness and an API.

    VipeCloud 3.0 adds pipeline management, rounding out our solution.


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