• Simple Customer Relationship Management

    Grow, Nurture, And Update Your Customer Database With Minimal Manual Entry

  • Automatically add and update your contacts

    • For every email sent or received, if no contact or company record exists, we'll automatically create it for you. 
    • All email activity, including open and attachment view engagement, is automatically logged as activities.
    • Simple, one-time setup via CSV upload.
    • Integrate other systems to VipeCloud for additional automated contact and activity creation.

    Pipeline insights and automations to provide you with accurate forecasting

    • Activities automatically logged and attributed to your opportunities.
    • Gain insights into your entire funnel, at every stage.
    • View visual representations of your closed and expected deals.

    Manage opportunities with activities automatically logged

    • Create opportunities from Inbox Sidebar or our web app.
    • Add tags, files, and other content to any opportunity.
    • All activity is automatically captured and trickled to the appropriate place (e.g. add a contact to an opportunity and the contact's activity is added to the opportunity feed). 
    • Manage visibility and permissions across teams and user levels.

    Complete task management system

    • Create and update tasks from Inbox Sidebar in Gmail or via our web app. 
    • Set due dates and reminder notifications.
    • Attribute tasks to contacts, companies, or opportunities

    Sign up form and email responder system, directly connected to your contact database

    • Generate inbound interest with "no-coding" web to lead forms. (e.g. make a white paper available in return for someone's contact information).
    • Create a series of email responses triggered to begin when someone completes your form.
    • Contacts and companies are automatically created for each person who completes a sign-up form.

    Robust content management and sharing system

    • Attachments sent and received are automatically imported and added to your contact records. 
    • Upload files and add links as additional content related to contacts, companies, or opportunities.
    • Host videos you can embed on your website
    • Connect your Dropbox account and add / share content through VipeCloud on an as-needed basis.
    • Track view counts, time on content, and per page view time for your content.

    Create fields, filter views, and view columns to the specifics of your business

    • Add custom fields of nearly any kind to your CRM records.
    • Display columns which make the most sense for you, including columns of your custom fields.
    • Filter the items displayed based on a variety of metrics. For example, view only contacts updated within the last week.
    • Configure your views to include or exclude by fields of your choosing.
    • Setup your sales funnel with custom opportunity stages (or use our defaults).
    • Our automations are fully configurable so you can take advantage of them or turn them off. 
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