• Deal Management

    Increase lead generation and manage deals to close and beyond.

  • Task Management

    Pipeline insights and automations to provide you with accurate forecasting

    • Activities automatically logged and attributed to your opportunities.
    • Insights into your entire funnel, at every stage.
    • Visual representations of your closed and expected deals.
    Deal Tracking

    Manage opportunities with activities automatically logged

    • Create opportunities from Inbox Sidebar or our web app.
    • Add tags, files, and other content to any opportunity.
    • All activity is automatically captured and trickled to the appropriate place (e.g. add a contact to an opportunity and the contact's activity is added to the opportunity feed). 
    • Manage visibility and permissions across teams and user levels.
    CRM Customization

    Functionality proven to increase your lead generation ​

    • We'll provide you with a weekly list of content to share.
    • Post and schedule sharing to all your social pages.
    • With our Chrome Extension you can post your own blog articles, or other great content, while you're visiting the page!
    • Compare which content and which of your social pages generates the more engagement.
    CRM Customization

    Customize your funnel to the nuances of your business

    • Configure your views to include or exclude by fields of your choosing.
    • Display columns which make the most sense for you, including columns of your custom fields.
    • Filter the items displayed based on a variety of metrics. For example, view only deals updated within the last week.
    • Add custom fields to all your CRM items (opportunities, contacts, and companies).
    • Setup your sales funnel with custom opportunity stages (or use our defaults).
    • Our automations are fully configurable so you can take advantage of them or turn them off. 
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