• Fully Integrated Email

    Easily Send And Track Individual, Mass, And Series Of Emails, All Integrated With Our CRM

  • Inbox Sidebar Automations

    For one-to-few or one-to-many email blast outs​

    • Mass email with mail merge tags, open and click tracking, and unsubscribe management.
    • Create multi-step email series to drip messages at intervals to your audience.
    • Send and schedule mass emails on behalf of sales team members.
    • Customize your email look and feel with a complete rich text editor.
    Email Tracking Action Bar Added To Gmail

    Send trackable emails through Gmail, and access all your CRM data via a sidebar ​

    • Receive email open and attachment view alerts.
    • Leverage personal and team templates to save time.
    • Schedule emails to send later.
    • Create multi-step email series to drip messages at intervals to your audience.
    • Measure time per page viewed on attachments.
    • Create and edit tasks, opportunities, contacts, and companies without ever leaving your Gmail workspace.
    • View and respond to email engagement as it happens.
    • Add contacts to your mail merge lists.
    • Uncover opportunities tracking Weekly Opens.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Define and automate outreach campaigns to grow your business

    • Create drip campaigns with multiple touch points that send new emails, replies to previous emails, and alerts to you to take action like calling your prospect. 
    • Define a Series Template for your entire team to use.
    • Deploy Series via email or as an autoresponder to your sign up forms.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Send a series of emails to contacts who complete your form

    • Generate inbound interest with "no-coding" web-to-lead forms. (e.g. make a white paper available in return for someone's contact information).
    • Create a series of email responses triggered to begin when someone completes your form.
    • Contacts and companies are automatically created for each person who completes a sign-up form.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Convert your blog to a newsletter and power a blog subscription

    • Challenged to find content for your newsletter? With our RSS To Email we'll convert your blog articles into your newsletter for you! 
    • Use in combination with our sign up forms.
    • Enable a subscription for your blog.
  • Security

    We are proud of our strict security practices

    Please click here to view the Security, Privacy and Architecture Documentation, which provides deeper detail about our security protocols, technical infrastructure, and privacy practices.


    For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, or contact us at support@vipecloud.com.

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