• Sales + Pipeline + Campaigns in One Product

    An all-in-one CRM. One product, everything you need.

  • Simple and Powerful Sales Email

    Email so powerful it's like you have an assistant

    You Email, We Do the Rest

    • For every email we automatically create a contact and company if it doesn't already exist. (If a company exists, we'll add the contact to it.)
    • Sync your email system to VipeCloud and we'll auto create contacts, companies, and emails for every inbound email too.
    • All emails are automatically logged as activities.
    • Recipient opens and clicks are also automatically logged as activities.

    Email Effectively

    • Send trackable emails and receive open and click alerts.
    • Leverage personal and team templates to save time.
    • Schedule emails to send later.
    • Create "smart" email series (we'll automatically remove replies from future series steps).
    • Mail merge to groups of recipients.
    • Measure time per page viewed on attachments.
    • Emails, opens, and clicks automatically log as activities.
  • Pipeline Management with Minimal Manual Entry

    Your sales team sells. We'll log their activities and customer engagement for them.

    Opportunities, Contacts, and Companies

    • Add tags, files, and other content to any pipeline item.
    • All activity is automatically captured and trickled to the appropriate place (e.g. add a contact to an opportunity and the contact's activity is added to the opportunity feed). 
    • Manage visibility and permissions across teams and user levels.

    Task Management

    • Work through your to-do lists without having to also log them. 
    • Assign tasks to other members of your team.


    • Every company has their nuances; add custom fields to opportunities, contacts, and companies.
    • Configure your sales funnel with custom opportunity stages (or use our defaults).
  • Suite of Campaign Selling Tools

    Drip messages increase lead generation without being an IT expert.

    Mass Emailing

    • Mass email with mail merge tags, open and click tracking, and unsubscribe management.
    • Send and schedule mass emails on behalf of sales team members.
    • Customize your email look and feel with a complete rich text editor.

    Email Series Drip Campaigns

    • Create multi-step email series to drip messages at intervals to your audience.
    • Automatically remove replies from future automated drip messages.
    • Control your company's message by sharing series templates with your team.

    Social Post Drip Campaigns

    • Post and schedule sharing to all your social pages.
    • With our Chrome Extension you can post your own blog articles, or other great content, while you're visiting the page!
    • Compare which content and which of your social pages generates the more engagement.

    Sign Up Forms + Email Responders

    • Generate inbound interest with "no-coding" web to lead forms. (e.g. make a white paper available in return for someone's contact information).
    • Create a series of email responses triggered to begin when someone completes your form.
    • Contacts and companies are automatically created for each person who completes a sign up form.

    Team Social Selling

    • Every VipeCloud user receives a weekly alert of trending, business-related content they post to LinkedIn from right in the email.
    • Supplement our weekly alerts with your own content to supercharge your reach through your employees.
    • Learn which content generates the most click-throughs and best connect with your audience.

    Content Management

    • Manage all of your marketing and sales collateral, including links to websites, in a single content library. (e.g. want to host a video on your website?)
    • Track view counts, time on content, and per page view time for your content.
    • Connect your Dropbox account to share and track files.
  • Ecosystem

    Are you a power user or have internal IT? Extend VipeCloud to suit your needs.

  • Security

    We are proud of our strict security practices

    Please click here to view the Security, Privacy and Architecture Documentation, which provides deeper detail about our security protocols, technical infrastructure, and privacy practices.


    For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, or contact us at support@vipecloud.com.

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