• Sales Managers

    Gain Insights Into If, How, And Why Your Team Is Producing Results

  • Improve Confidence In Your Sales and Marketing

    Are your tools minimizing distractions and producing results? VipeCloud's All-In-One CRM consolidates your team's efforts into a single platform, enabling improved data communication. Our automatic activity logging increases the data quantity and quality in your CRM. And, Inbox Sidebar integrates the sales, marketing, and CRM experience directly into Gmail, so your team can pursue all of their activities from a single, familiar application.

    Increase Trust In Your Forecast

    Are your prospects actively engaged with your team? Or are they no longer responding to their emails. With automatic activity and engagement logging, you can increase your pipeline confidence by forecasting on engagement.

    Understand Your Team's Efforts

    Are they producing results? Why? Are some team members more active than others, more productive, and gaining better results? With admin views across your members, you can see who's been the most active, and what activities are producing.

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