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A/B Testing, Automagic Contact Sync, Custom Merge Tags and More Added to VipeCloud

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Every month we send out an update about what's new in VipeCloud. This month we added some really powerful sales automation and CRM-related features to our All In One CRM to improve your growth!

Newest Features in VipeCloud

  1. AutoMagic Sync. When automatically creating contact records for you via our inbox sync, VipeCloud now fills out the contact's information with any contact data in your Outlook, Gmail, etc. 
  2. Split Contact Lists for A/B Testing. You can now easily split a list into two parts, send them different messages, and compare results! A new Split Contact List icon has been added to the Actions column on the Contact Lists page.
  3. Custom Merge Tags. VipeCloud now supports merging any contact field into your emails, including custom fields. For those of you wanting to send hyper-personalized sales emails, you can added a "Contact Fact One" custom field, and use it to personalize your emails.
  4. Mark Tasks Complete on Dashboard. Without reloading the page, you can mark several tasks complete right on the Dashboard when you login.
  5. Map to Company Fields when Importing Contact Lists. Company field options are now available to map to when importing your CSVs.
  6. Activity Report. A new report to track how many contacts and companies have been engaged by you and your team across any timeline.
  7. Change Contact Email Address. Sometimes you were given a personal address when it was meant to be a company address, or sometimes the contact changes jobs. You can now edit a contact's email address in the contact record.
  8. More Data. Several standard fields have been added to contact and company records. They include personal and company LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Url fields, additional contact phone fields, and company revenue range, employee count, location, and industry fields. 
  9. Create Copies of Series Templates. To save time when you build variances on your series templates, you can now create a copy of an existing series template.
  10. Bounce reason. The reason for all email bounces is now displayed when viewing your Mass Email reports. 
  11. Daily Advanced Mass Email Max. If you are running several Advanced Mass Emails, and want to keep your total daily emails below a certain level you can set a daily AME max in the Email Settings in Get Started.
  12. We also sped up several background process - like importing contact lists - and fixed several bugs. 

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Many more are on the way!
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