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A Simple Website Builder - We Use Strikingly

Recently we started receiving several compliments on our website. Along with these comments often comes the question of who we use to host/manage our site. The answer? Strikingly. Here's a quick explanation of why we went with them and what it's been like working with Strikingly over the last year-and-a-half.

Why did we decide on Strikingly?

As inevitably happens for all companies, the time had come to redo our website. Following a theme of how we operate VipeCloud in general, we wanted to partner with a relatively new vendor that was poised to do great things, and grow with them. Our strategy is based on a few ideas:

  • Being an early partner with a vendor allows us to build a strong relationship, and potentially shape certain aspects of product development with our feedback.
  • A new vendor will most likely offer the most up-to-date features and methodologies, and also be agile enough to advance their feature set quickly.
  • If we do in fact choose a vendor who becomes successful, our established relationship might create additional benefits down the line.

After identifying a significant number of options, we evaluated several and decided on Strikingly. Here's why:

  • Their product is easy enough to use that when handing off ownership of the website, we can give control to someone who can focus on our messaging as opposed to coding.
  • They offer a good balance between desktop and mobile display for a single message that we create.
  • Their service is exceptional. They responded quicker than most others, often with solutions (as opposed to simple acknowledgement and a ticket that goes into a black box).

Our Strikingly experience thus far

Working with Strikingly has been a pleasure. They have continued to excel in responding quickly to our questions, requests, tickets, etc. They have also continually added new features that allow us to keep our website dynamic. We're excited to see what they come up with next! 

Happy to appreciate our vendor. Keep up the great work Strikingly!

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