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Add Trackable Attachments Anywhere In VipeCloud's Email Tracker

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We are thrilled to add a powerful enhancement to VipeCloud's email tracker: now you can add trackable attachments anywhere in the copy of your email. This addition to our trackable email only adds to the benefits of using VipeCloud for your sales and marketing growth efforts. They include:

  1. Unlike the traditional attachments at the end of your email, you can craft your sales or email messages to highlight content where you want to.
  2. We convert all attachments to hyperlinks, making your email lightweight and allowing us to inform you when your recipient has opened your emails. 
  3. In combination with tracking if your email is opened, attachment tracking gives you improved insight into the behavior and intent of your prospective clients. 

How To Add Trackable Attachments Anywhere

VipeCloud Email Tracker

When composing your email, click the VipeCloud favicon in the rich text editor bar. A modal will load allowing you to upload any file or browse your existing VipeCloud content library.

Choose or Upload Content

Once your content is uploaded, or when you find and select Preview your content, edit the Text to Display and click Add to Email to insert your trackable attachment into your email tracker.

Edit Text to Display

It's that simple!

If you haven't yet tried VipeCloud's All-In-One Growth Stack to accelerate your sales, we invite you to try us today!

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