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All New VipeCloud Release Notes

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The last several months we here at VipeCloud have been heads down rebuilding the product you love with a vastly improved look and feel and several added capabilities that will make your customer acquisition efforts more effective.


You can toggle between the new and old layouts by clicking the upper right hand corner dropdown in your VipeCloud account.

Here is the announcement email and below are release notes for those of you who want to dig into it.


  • HTML Builder. A drag and drop editor to help you build beautiful emails. Access the builder by creating a new email template and selecting the HTML Builder option.
  • 250+ Sample Email Templates. Inspiration for how to reach out to your customers in style, for nearly any occasion. When you are in the HTML Builder, all of these samples are available to you.
  • Template Landing Pages. Host your email templates on a landing page so that you can share and post the link across multiple channels. These are a simple checkbox when creating or editing your email templates.
  • AutoResponders. Automatically send emails or begin series when new contacts are added to a contact list. This new VipeCloud has an entire AutoResponder section on the main left sidebar.
  • Snooze Tasks. Whether you simply didn't get to it, or if the customer requested some extra time, now you can snooze your tasks a day, a few days, or a whole month. 
  • Schedule Emails On Behalf. Marketers and agencies can now schedule emails across teams of users in a few clicks. Control your message and keep your brand in front of your sales team's audience so they can focus on selling. Contact us to learn more about this powerful marketing automation feature.
  • Night Mode. Click a button on the bottom left hand corner of the new VipeCloud to darken the screen to ease up on your eyes.
  • All New Sign Up Forms. Fully re-written sign up forms that allow you to manage customer sign ups, survey your audiences, or manage RSVPs. Create fields of nearly any kind, optionally map to contact fields in your database, add descriptions, make fields required or optional, and more! Sign up forms are a subsection within Contact Lists.
  • Domain Suppression. Ensure you never send an email to a domain that has requested as such, with Domain Suppression. Domain suppression is accessed in the Setup.
  • All new API. Want to connect your proprietary or 3rd party system to VipeCloud? Sync your contacts, log tasks, or migrate from another vendor to VipeCloud. View documentation here.


  • To Dos is the new home screen, replacing the Dashboard.
  • The main navigation has moved from top to the left side, and also been recategorized. The new categorization is more intuitive.
  • Every contact, company, and opportunity name has a left arrow icon next to it, which pops out a modal of details about that item without requiring you to leave the page.
  • A new Setup section manages all your settings and is accessible via the top right dropdown where you name is. Content management is also now part of Setup.
  • Tags are now only for personal categorization and they span all item types (contacts, companies, and opportunities).


  • We deprecated a few features which were not being used including RSS To Email, IFTTT, browser displayed attachments, and measuring time viewed per page on browser displayed attachments (though this still works for video emails). If you'd like us to bring any of these back, please don't hesitate to ask.
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