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An Overview of Inbox Sidebar by VipeCloud

A sidebar to send trackable Gmail emails and access VipeCloud, all from Gmail

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We are thrilled to be adding Inbox Sidebar to the VipeCloud family of products, as this will kick your sales and marketing effectiveness into high gear. Inbox Sidebar offers significant new functionality, described below and also in the video overview at the bottom of this article.

Inbox Sidebar is a Chrome extension which adds the following functionality inside of your Gmail or G Suite Gmail browser tab.

Inbox Sidebar Overview

The sidebar itself brings most all of VipeCloud's CRM capability directly into Gmail.

  1. View and respond to email engagement.

  2. Upload contact lists to send mass emails through Gmail.

  3. Create, edit and delete opportunities, tasks and other CRM items.

  4. And more...

Send Trackable Emails through Gmail

VipeCloud's email effectiveness, now deeply integrated with Gmail.

  1. Additional action bar added to your compose windows.

  2. Send now, later, a test to yourself, or a mass email.

  3. Insert your email templates, or tags for mass email merging.

Configurable Settings

Use as much or as little of the automation we offer. Your settings are configurable such that you can...

  1. Send individual trackable emails through your Gmail account or VipeCloud's servers. Our servers will provide better analytics (e.g. knowing who among multiple To's or Cc's opened or clicked). Both Gmail and VipeCloud send options support open and attachment view tracking.
  2. Send mass emails through your Gmail account or VipeCloud's servers. Gmail has a daily email maximum of 1,500 emails. If your contact lists are larger than that, you can still compose the email in Gmail and when you click VipeCloud's send button, have the email sent through VipeCloud's servers. 
  3. Sync your inbound emails with VipeCloud. Keeping this option enabled allows us to
    1. Automatically create contact and company records in your VipeCloud account for you (another configurable option)
    2. Removing inbound emails from future automated email series of yours.
    3. Automatically log all of your email activity to the respective contact record as activities. No more manual entry! 

Video Overview

Of course, whatever product of VipeCloud you use - Inbox Sidebar, our web app, or our social sharing extension - you will have our amazing support available to answer questions, offer best practices, and welcome feature suggestions.

Happy Selling!

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