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Automate Contact Management: You Email, We Do the Rest

Following up on our last blog article about Contact Automation via our Zapier app, we’re going to explain in more detail how automating the creation of contacts and companies can improve your sales processes.

Problem: Manual Entry

The biggest issue with managing contacts for sales is actually doing it. “I love the administrative parts of my job,” said no sales person ever. Existing responses by sales management to this behavior was to structure compensation plans to require data entry, develop gamification ploys, or force the issue. Each of which ultimately fails because one cannot change an innate behavior of salespeople. For example, if your competitor does not tie compensation to data entry, guess where your top salespeople will likely migrate? 

The only solution to reducing manual entry is to actually reduce manual entry – with automation.

Problem: Disorderly Data

A second, significant issue with contact management is disorderly data. If sales management is successful in motivating their salespeople to keep their contact database up to date, there will often be duplicate contacts and companies, partially correct information, and sometimes even partially incorrect information.

The only thing worse than having to manually keep a contact database up to date, is having to clean up a disorderly one.

Solution: Automatic Contact Creation

The solution is simple in concept, minimize manual entry by automating contact creation. Imagine if all a sales person had to do was sync their inbox with a contact management system? That’s it, one thing.

Once the two are synchronized, contact records, company records, and associations between the two can be autonomously created.

You email, we do the rest. Try VipeCloud free by signing up for our 90 day free trial.

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