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Automate LinkedIn Shares to Generate Leads

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Sharing content on LinkedIn generates leads. When your entire sales team shares on LinkedIn, your footprint expands exponentially, your lead generation increases, and your customers respond: "You guys are everywhere!" We consider these givens, and have even done a case study to prove it: ICON Staffing Network, Take Our Sales Team Social.

The challenge is getting your sales team to actually share on LinkedIn. In the techno world of today, what's the best way to overcome that challenge? Automate it!

There are two keys parts of the process which require automation: content and sharing.

Automating Content

In our experience, automating content is best accomplished by having someone other than a sales person find or create it. In a perfect world, sales people should only have to focus on selling. So we need to have content made available to sales people on a regular basis.

At VipeCloud we enable that two ways. First, every user receives a weekly email with trending content which they can post to LinkedIn from directly inside the email. This content is generically business interesting and designed to not be related to what your company sells. 

Consider LinkedIn an online cocktail party. The people who always talk about their work at cocktail parties pretty quickly find themselves alone. Just like a real life cocktail party, mixing up interesting content with work-related content is the best approach.

So our weekly emails mix it up. Second, we enable marketers to supplement that weekly email with content a bit closer to home. Say every Thursday a marketer can create or find industry or company-related content .

Content automated. Check!

Automating LinkedIn Shares

We've figured out how to keep sales people selling by automating the content generation they can use to share on LinkedIn. Now how do we automate the actual sharing?

Naturally, there are different levels of automation.

Level one is to drop content in the lap of a sales person which they can click to post to LinkedIn via the LinkedIn share url. This requires two actions on the part of the sales person, clicking to post the content, and then writing a comment before hitting the Share button. Level one is a great improvement on the multi-step plans which many marketers have developed, requiring sales people to find and share content on their company LinkedIn page.

Level two cuts the two steps required in the first level, down to one. If a sales person connects their LinkedIn account to the content sharing system, the comment can be automatically written for them. All the sales person needs to do is click the LinkedIn share link of the content sent to them.

Level three is complete automation. When a marketer clicks to share the content with their sales team, the content is automatically posted to the sales person's profile.

Imagine the reach this will generate for your company! 

Of course we don't want to spam people's LinkedIn accounts, so the completely automatic option requires a way to delete the post. The key to increasing lead generation on LinkedIn is making the sharing opt-out instead of opt-in. With a default of automatic sharing, but allowing your sales team to maintain control, a proper balance is reached.

Best of luck automating LinkedIn shares to generate leads!

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