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Business Card Scanner Added to VipeCloud's Mobile App

Ever find yourself with a stack of business cards and not wanting to manually enter their information onto a spreadsheet or pay someone to do the same? Now with the VipeCloud Mobile app you can snap a picture of your card, add any tags or custom fields, and voila! The contact will be added to your database. Below is a quick overview.

Step 1: Click to Scan Card

Click to Scan Business Card

Step 2: Take Picture of Card & Add Tags / Custom Fields

Add Tags and Custom Fields to Business Card Contact

Step 3: Track Status

Track VipeCloud Scanned Business Card Progress

That's It!

That's it! Submit your business card scan and your contact will be available in a few minutes. If you add a tag to your contact, you can access all of your contacts with the same tag in a filter view. From there, you can send a mass email, personalized with mail merge!

A technical note, the optical character recognition ("OCR") is performed by BricApp. VipeCloud utilizes their REST API to bring this capability to our customers in our mobile apps.

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