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Buying A CRM With Apps Versus An All-In-One CRM

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Remember the iconic AOL alert "You've Got Mail"? It's no wonder that's a thing of the past as email has all but consumed us. We at VipeCloud, leading the pack of All-In-One CRM solutions, believe a similar shift is happening in the world of sales and marketing software. The days of "there's an app for that" has become overwhelming to most small and mid-sized companies.

Apps Benefit Vendors Not Customers

While apps can help build out functionality and capability for sales and marketing organizations, the over supply has proven a net detriment to the customer who's goal is simply to grow their business. In the world of apps, today the customer needs to become an expert in evaluating every category of app functionality for their sales and marketing organizations. Then they'll need to trial several of them, develop training and processes around how things should be used, and then hope that none of their apps ever change.

The salt in the wound is the final piece of the puzzle: integrating each of your apps. This often requires hiring IT consultants or utilizing an internal development team, it always takes longer than planned, and unfortunately there is never a guarantee from the outset that it will work as planned. Disparate products - by definition - have different data schemas. There is a high probability integration is built on a house of cards, and a simple version change in one app can take the whole thing down. 

We cannot emphasize enough how many times this final step is where the customer learns things will simply not work as planned or hoped for. Of course, that's after the customer has footed the bill for subscriptions and consulting just to get to this point.

In addition to the above drain on resources, and assuming you make it past the integration phase, often a small business finds itself nearing "death by a thousand cuts" on cash costs. Adding up the costs of each pure-play and seemingly inexpensive app proves to be a significant total.

If you are a small or mid-sized business, the process of choosing your CRM as your core data source and then expanding functionality to additional departments, is no longer the most effective. Enter our All-In-One CRM. All your needed capabilities in a use-as-needed model.

Interestingly, most customers don't purchase our All-In-One for *all* of the capabilities at first. They still purchase similar to how they always have: evaluating one capability at a time...

The Reality Of All-In-One CRM Buyer Behavior

The reality of our All-In-One solution is that most customers don't purchase a subscription for all of the capabilities available within VipeCloud. They are excited to begin with or replace one component of what they are doing. Whether it's email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, social marketing, sales email tracking, sign up forms, or something else. Then when a renewal comes up for one of their apps and it is no cost to utilize that capability within their VipeCloud subscription, they drop their app. And on and on.

The savings of not having to become experts in a variety of apps, not having to train your team on different products, and having your data all in one place becomes realized. Quickly.

Our All-In-One CRM Embraces Your Needs

VipeCloud embraces this change in the name of benefitting the customer: the business owner who wants to focus on growing their company instead of becoming an expert in sales and marketing apps.

We know we are different. But we don't care. We are here to benefit our customers. And will continue to do so.

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