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Can You Have Sales and Marketing Alignment If They Use Different Software?

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Sales and marketing alignment is a significant challenge for many businesses. And we believe the marketing companies who preach it are blowing a bit of hot air. Why? For the simple reason that they are selling you software for your marketing department, and telling you to also purchase software for your sales department.

That's nonsensical. 

Alignment should begin with, well, alignment. Of course marketing and sales have different needs and goals. And the personnel have different strengths. But why does your business also need to support them with different systems? In a perfect world, wouldn't your teams be working on a singular system, providing you with the benefits of knowing everyone had access to the same, up-to-date knowledge and mindshare? (In addition to the cost, IT, and administrative savings of having a single system to manage, rather than multiple).

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we love challenges that start with "In a perfect world..." or "what if you could..." And at VipeCloud we set out to address this exact challenge. Why? Because it is our belief that solving this challenge directly addresses the needs of the small to medium business. (As opposed to the needs of a marketing company trying to sell you yet another subscription to something).

Cheers to alignment, simplicity, and profitability.

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