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Consider Archiving Contacts To Win Back Later

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Happy September! We hope all of you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer. Over the last month we added some valuable enhancements to VipeCloud's Growth Stack, here is an overview of contact management enhancements which will improve your mass emailing and lead generation. 

  1. Archive Contacts. However you use mass emailing in VipeCloud - lead generation, email marketing, customer nurturing, or otherwise - it is important that you keep your contact lists up-to-date in order to protect your email reputation and ability to deliver to the inbox. If you are emailing folks who are not engaging by opening, clicking, or responding, then you should remove them from your lists. Continually emailing folks who do not engage will eventually bring down your ability to inbox.

    To help you keep your lists up-to-date, we have added a filter view to you account called Consider Archiving. Any contacts visible in this filter view have been sent an email by you more than 6 months ago, but have not had any opens, clicks, or replies within the last six months. Archiving these contacts will remove them from your lists and other filter views, and place them in a second new filter view called Archived Contacts.

    At any time you can reinstate an Archived Contact and they will be added back to the filter views and contact lists they were apart of. For example, in 3-6 months you can reinstate and create a list of all your Archived Contacts, and send them a new email as a "win back" campaign.
  2. Considering Deleting. In addition to archiving your contacts to keep your database clean, we also added a Consider Deleting filter view of all your bounced and unsubscribed contacts. You can easily select all of these folks and delete them. And of course, if you import any of these contacts in the future they will still be considering bounced or unsubscribed.
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