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Contact Automation: Try Connecting VipeCloud's Zapier App with Your Payment System

The foundation for many of your sales-related processes probably boils down to contact management. And as you plan to build or evolve your infrastructure, today's technology enables quite a bit of automation. Connect the two: contact automation.

What is Zapier?

Zapier offers a collections of apps which allow non-developers to connect their systems via a drag and drop interface. Founded in 2014, it seems that nearly every sales and sales-related system has developed a Zapier app. As it relates to today's article, major payment processors including Stripe, Quickbooks, and Xero all have Zapier apps.

Their are two types of Zapier apps to keep an eye out for, triggers and actions. A sample trigger might be a new charge - each of the three payment processors above support a new charge trigger. This means that if a new charge occurs in your payment system, information about that charge can be made available for other apps to do something with.

The apps that process information from triggers offer what are called actions. VipeCloud, for example, offers a Log Completed Task action which can process as a result of a trigger.

Trigger + Action = Completing the Picture

Let's put it together. If you create a "zap" based on the trigger of a new charge from your payment system, VipeCloud can log information from the new charge as a completed task for your contact. Add payment information from 3rd party sources to your contact engagement feed in VipeCloud, which already has each contact's email history, and you can start to see a more complete picture of how your company has interacted with any particular contact.

True Contact Automation

Now you might be thinking as your planning your infrastructure that you don't want to have to add every existing contact into VipeCloud, just so you can also see their payment history. The good news - you don't have to! 

We set up our Log Completed Task action to automatically create a contact, a company, and associated the two, if they don't already exist in your system. Simply turn on the Zap and watch your database grow for you.

Here's what a new charge looks like in a contact's engagement summary in VipeCloud:

Bonus: Tags

Thinking ahead, as you accumulate several payment activities in your contact database, you might want to pull reports or view certain subsets of your contacts based on their payments. When you are setting up your VipeCloud action Zap, simply add tags related to the plan the customer is on , or the product they purchased - information which will be provided by the trigger.

That's it! Automate your contact management connecting VipeCloud's Zapier app to your payment system.

Try VipeCloud or contact us to learn more.

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