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Craig Rosenberg (aka The Funnelholic) Sales Hacks from Sales Hacker Conference in San Francisco

This is the second in a series of blogs I'm writing to share my notes with the sales nation out there. My first article was about John Barrows' talk.

Sales Hacker Speaker: Craig Rosenberg aka The Funneholic
Topic: 5 Ways Salespeople are Hacking Sales
Who is Craig Rosenberg?

Craig is a sales & marketing guru. The founder and Chief Analyst at TOPO, he studies sales and marketing inside and out ultimately advising on patterns, behaviors, and plays. His other personality is that of The Funnelholic - a blog and email newsletter related to all things in the sales and marketing funnel. I personally subscribe to his weekly email and love the content he curates.

Here's his LinkedInWebsite@funnelholic.

My notes about Craig's five sales hacks
  1. Extreme personalization. Go bold and go big. Name 100 accounts and list 5 very personalized reasons why they should talk to you. Have the goal of getting the recipient to want to talk, whether or not they buy the product.
  2. Leverage visual content. Craig suggested personalized videos. In my personal experience I know these are effective but really tough to do, so I can't say I wholeheartedly agree you should take the time. I actually preferred his suggestion to include animated gifs in your emails. 
  3. Go offline. Don't forget about chotchkies. As you plan out your touch points, be sure to include offline ones.  
  4. The High-Low Play. When an inbound lead comes in, identify two other people at the organization and reach out to them (maybe don’t even mention the first download) BEFORE following up with the person who downloaded. 
  5. Strategic content offer. In a discovery call, ask for data that you can turn around and use to create a “strategic report” to present to decision makers. Keep it simple, even templatized. Like a 1-2 page custom content report, possibly including benchmarking.

For a play-by-play of the presentation, view the overview on the Sales Hacker site (my notes are purely my own). 

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