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Credit Luck to Success But Not Shortcomings

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Luck is an interesting beast. It can be credited or blamed for the outcome of every type of event. But when should you use it? 

One of my new favorite authors is Todd Borg, who has developed a thriller series based in Lake Tahoe. In his book Tahoe Heat the main character and hero, Owen McKenna, is driving home a young woman whom he saved from a kidnapping. The young woman is described as gorgeous, but also someone who has relied on her looks up to this point in her life. Owen says to her:

You can be born with advantages, but for everyone who makes something of themselves through torturous hard work, there are ten thousand people just as talented who site back and think that the difference between them and the successful person is luck.

I love this quote and believe it to be true, however, I would take it a step farther. Not only should people avoid crediting luck for their shortcomings, but you should give luck some credit when describing your successes. Humility can go a long way. The juxtaposition here can be a powerful character trait. Always be humble and kind.

Good luck!

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