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Data and LeadGen Services, Pipeline View, And More Added to VipeCloud

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It's officially spring! And we have LOTS of updates to share with you about VipeCloud which are all part of our mission to be the software partner which accelerates your growth.

Service Partners

  1. Data + Lead Generation. As listed on the new Services page on our website, we have partnered with Sales Lead Automation to give you the option of implementing lead generation campaigns in your VipeCloud account. Sales Lead Automation will help you define a target customer profile, develop prospect lists from their database of 160 million records, and send them daily email campaigns through your VipeCloud account.
  2. CRM and Marketing Automation Implementation. Also listed on our Services page, we have partnered with My Business Integrated, who can help you define, configure, and implement your processes in VipeCloud's Growth Stack.

New Features Available Within VipeCloud

  1. Pipeline view. Visualize your pipeline, and drag opportunities from one stage to the next with our new Pipeline View enhancement to opportunity management.
  2. Insert images into your emails! While we generally caution against using images in emails (read our blog article here). However, if you are sending primarily to Gmail or personal email addresses pictures can work well and we now support inserting images via upload or from your Content library directly into your emails.
  3. Insert attachments anywhere in your emails! Another rich text editor update, you can now insert your trackable attachments as links anywhere in your email, instead of the traditional bottom-of-the-page approach. Click the VipeCloud blue favicon in the rich text editor to upload or choose from your Content library.
  4. Simplified navigation. We eliminated the drop downs next to the Emails and Contacts tab in the navigation. Now all email-related items are available as left tabs on the Emails page. All filter views are also viewable as left tabs on the Contacts, Opportunities, Companies, and Task tabs.
  5. Pause and edit Advanced Mass Emails. As you view your Mass Email results, you can now pause and edit in-progress Advanced Mass Emails.
  6. Unread emails in inbox now highlighted. Your VPN go out due to a storm? Use VipeCloud as your webmail client as our inbox view now highlights unread emails.
  7. Send test to self for email templates. Test as you build! Make sure your email templates render exactly as you want them to.
  8. Define opportunity stage criteria. Make it clear to you and your sales team the requirements of each opportunity to move from one stage to the next by adding criteria to your opportunity stages.
  9. Upload an unsubscribe list. Moving over from another email marketing or marketing automation system and have a list of folks who previously unsubscribed from you? Now you can upload that list into VipeCloud.
  10. Several other minor user experience improvements and bug fixes.

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