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Data Migration and Contact List Management Enhancements

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We have been lucky enough to welcome customers leaving other, big-named CRMs, and were excited to rise to the challenge of minimizing the migration challenges typically associated with such a move. In addition, while stressful in the moment, it is exciting to be tackling scaling challenges as our users are pushing the envelope in their usage :). Below are some of the data management enhancements recently added to VipeCloud.

Streamlined Migration

Migration is traditionally a significant, and often very expensive, undertaking. Our new contact and opportunity uploaders - in addition to our service-first culture - have helped make this process seamless! Both importers are available on the CRM tab of the Get Started page. However, we highly recommend you work with us to migrate data so we can help you navigate the column mapping.

CRM Data Migration Made Simple

Contact List Management Improvements

Contact lists are a big part of VipeCloud for anyone using our marketing capabilities. We are continually improving your ability to create and manage lists. Most recently we added tabbed options to easily find and use your lists based on their source - uploaded, system generated, manually created, etc.

Contact List Management

Change Contact List Name on Mass Email Page 

An additional contact list management enhancement, you can now update the names of your contact lists on the Mass Email page to help you keep track of your campaigns. Click the pencil icon next to the contact list name.

Edit Contact List Name on Mass Email Page

We actively listen to our customers and stand by the phrase "there is no frustration too small" so please keep your suggestions and challenges coming! More updates are on the way!

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