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Do You Fear Having to Hire IT and Marketing?

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People are usually the most expensive cost to a small business. Of course, they are also the culture, visionaries, and work horses of a typical small business as well. I even once read an article that hiring people shouldn't be celebrated because it's proof that a company is unable to generate more leverage out of their current personnel.

Whatever your perspective, we think most will agree that it can be daunting to consider your first IT and Marketing hires. Why? Because IT and Marketing are typically the first "specialized" hires for a small business. They are roles that once created tend to build a knowledge unique to themselves, and ones that are not easily replaceable. Furthermore, they also often come with a fair amount of additional software and related implementation costs.

So are you afraid to hire IT and Marketing? We think you should be. And we think that the longer you can put off these key hires, the more you can focus on building your core business. A "slow down to speed up" approach.

What can you do to hold these hires at bay, while also continuing to grow your company? In a word, leverage. The best way we've found to generate leverage is through technology. Can various software save you enough time and cost that you can continue to grow without requiring extra personnel? 

This is our mission at VipeCloud and we invite you to try us out.

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