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Do Your Email Newsletter Goals Match The Technology You're Using?

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If you send an email newsletter, why do you do it? Whether you are recapping recent events/blogs or aiming to provide a regular soft touch, we bet it is safe to say your goal is to "nurture" your audience. So what is the most effective way to do this?

Two goals should be top of mind:

  1. Ensuring your email lands in the inbox of every recipient.
  2. Organizing your email so that as much (or the most important part) of the content is consumed. 

We wrote a fairly extensive article on why html template emails that "look good" when you are creating them, are probably hurting the results of your newsletter.

Emails without any images, html backgrounds, or fancy looking templates will have the highest chance of making it into the inbox of your recipients. So quite simply, to increase the probability of successful delivery eliminate all of the fancy stuff.

If that scares you, get over it :). We can't understand why anyone would make something look fancy, knowing that doing so will result in less people seeing it.

There are tools other than templates to ensure your point is communicated

As much of a cliche as "back to basics" is, it works. Instead of worrying about backgrounds under the guise of branding, use bold, underline, italics, and bullets to most effectively communicate your points.

In a world where a company can IPO on the public market because millions of users share 140 character phrases, anything that cuts to the chase is more likely to be consumed by your audience. Add to that the fact that mobile phone users are fantastic at scrolling up and down down, but not left to right, and bulleted lists start to look like a wonderful way to communicate.

Does an email marketing system which focuses on templates help you reach your newsletter goals?

No. Plain and simple. We'll go so far as to say that you should probably question what you are actually paying for if you use an email marketing system that focuses on what template you should use. This is most crucial for the small business where email marketing costs are likely a higher percentage of your costs than for larger businesses. 

We at VipeCloud invite you to drop the fancy and focus on the effective. You're welcome to try VipeCloud free today.

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