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Does your Small Business CRM include Email Marketing?

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Small business owners and employees are often performing multiple roles and wearing many hats. Unfortunately, they are also often having to manage different software systems for their different roles. Is there low-hanging fruit which can (and should) be combined to save the headache of managing different systems and data?

Email Marketing + CRM

Yes! Email marketing and CRM can and should be combined into a single system. Most every CRM offers some type of email sending, however, many of them don't support email marketing or have stringent limits on their emailing. Why is that?

We're really not sure, but we know it's a headache for the small business. It's a headache because when they are separate systems they never quite talk to each other as you want them to. Several online forums are filled with questions about "how to" do this or that with an email marketing system.

Aside from the logistics of managing different systems, all of the data around email marketing should be part of contact records in your CRM. It's fairly inefficient for that data to have to exist in multiple systems.

We guess only time will tell how this industry evolves. We at VipeCloud believe several existing companies are living on momentum from years of being around, but are not truly serving the needs of you the customer.

Good luck! We invite you to VipeCloud's All-In-One CRM, which supports CRM and email marketing in a single subscription.

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