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Effective Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

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Growth starts with a great sales team. The best sales teams are organized, synchronized, and driven. But this level of performance is only possible when a motivated sales team shares the same dream and data.

With competition, stacks of administrative work, and pressure, how can a sales team stay motivated?

Build up your dream team in three simple ways.


The most frustrating feeling is wasting time. Sales reps have more to focus on than where they put customer data. When you have your data in all kinds of places, you lose patience and customers. The most effective teams use organization to save time and create more customer value.

By having all data in one place, there is less confusion for your sales team. When a team feels like a single unit, its members can work together more efficiently, improve sales numbers, and achieve goals.

The key is to simplify.

One way of doing this is to have CRM software that manages all of your data for you, like VipeCloud. With all of your customer data in one place, you don’t have to worry about wasting time looking through different spreadsheets or misplacing data. CRM’s can develop leads, automate your sales process, and make life easier. With CRM, salespeople can use their time more valuably.

Having a sales tool that integrates with your CRM can make it even more valuable. Badger Maps, for example, shows your customer data on a map and helps your field sales team optimize their routes and get more meetings and sales.

Less frustration means more motivation.


Your sales team handles a ton of pressure. One reason your reps fall into a slump is because they don’t feel appreciated for their work. Giving your salespeople perks to work toward motivates them to hit a higher quota. Healthy competition can also create a fun work environment your team will look forward to being part of.

Salespeople love competition.

Hold a contest to see who can sell the most of a certain product. Every cycle, change the goal and prize to keep things new and highlight each one of your team members’ strong suits. A prize could be public recognition, dinner, getting an extra day off, or gift cards. A sales team is unstoppable when they use competition to motivate themselves. Put your top performers in a position to motivate the rest of the team.


Motivation starts with appreciation. According to the American Psychological Association positive feedback leads to long term motivation. Acknowledging a rep’s strong suits boosts confidence and shows the other team members who they can learn from. Every person wants to feel valued. The more valued they feel, the more compelled they are to work hard and motivate others.

Motivation is a mental marathon. When someone you trust is pressuring you to be your best self, it’s a lot easier to do your job well. Your team should be coaching each other and pushing limits. Wouldn’t you try harder if someone was rooting for you?

Set goals for your team and let them communicate their results every step of the way. Especially with a new team, it’s helpful that they know their strengths and what they can improve. Be specific about what they’re doing right when you give feedback. Hold relaxed meetings with your team and promote open and energetic communication.

A good sales team is in constant communication. Positive feedback and constructive criticism should be exchanged within the team and between the team and management.

Your sales team should stay on the same page, just like your data.

About the Author: Iris Dunn is an Account Manager at Badger Maps. Badger is a sales routing tool that helps field salespeople be more successful. It integrates with a CRM and visualizes the customer data on a map. With Badger, reps save time and gain focus, spending less time on driving and busy work and more time on selling. You can follow Iris and her team on Facebook and Twitter @BadgerMaps.

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