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Email Marketing from Gmail. Can it be Done?

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Yes. And it's pretty cool when you do it right too. Let's discuss what "doing it right" means when it comes to email marketing from Gmail.

To Template or Not to Template?

HTML templates for email marketing are really an unfortunately carry over from the late 1990s. Kind of like the Twinkie, they can't seem to be destroyed, even though most would benefit if they were. 

First off, we pulled the numbers and HTML email templates are probably hurting the results of your newsletter. 

Second, like adding salt to the wound, using templates which make your email potentially look nice yet harm the results of your efforts is simply a waste of your valuable time.

So don't template.

How Big Is Your List?

If you're email list is less than 1,500 in size you are in luck! Gmail and G Suite allow for 1,500 outbound emails a day. If your list is larger than that, either split your send over multiple days or, if you list is MUCH larger than that, your hand is forced into using a third party.

VipeCloud automatically solves this issue for you by switching to our 3rd party email provider if your list is larger than the limit.

What about Mail Merge?

Sending a blast out via BCC is almost rude. It's important to personalize your emails, and you are in luck! VipeCloud can actually mail merge a set of tags for you and STILL send your email through your own Gmail account.


If you are a small business, there is a good chance your email list is within, or nearly within the limitations of Gmail. If that is the case, the good news is that if you can send your newsletter through your own Gmail account you will most likely have the highest deliverability.

If your email marketing fits within the above limitations, we suggest you do your email marketing directly from Gmail, using VipeCloud's Inbox Sidebar.

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