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Email Preview Text - A Hidden Secret Weapon

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Think your email messaging is limited to a subject and a body? Think again. There is an often overlooked part of every email which can have a dramatic effect on your open rates. Enter Preview Text.

What Is Preview Text?

Preview text is the first part of your email message, which is displayed in addition to your subject on your mobile phone email notifications, in each Gmail email row, and in the preview row for each email in Outlook. Here are is an example:

Preview Text Example On Mobile Phone

How Can You Make The Most Of Preview Text?

Creativity wins here and be sure to begin with the end in mind. Preview Text gives you an opportunity, in addition to your subject line, to entice your recipients to open your email. This is your chance to "hook" them. We've seen personalization as an effective option, as well as one-liner summaries. Of course, this is a great test area for your A/B tests as well. Try a couple options and compare the results. Let us know what works best for you!

It is important to note that different devices and views have different length limits for their Preview Text. The range is roughly from 30 characters on the short end to 140 characters on the long end.

How To Use Preview Text In VipeCloud

When composing mass emails, single emails, or email templates there is a Preview Text button you can click to add your Preview Text. Note that all of our merge tags are compatible with the Preview Text. Easy as pie! Good luck!

VipeCloud Preview Text Example
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