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From Tony Robbins at Dreamforce: Business is Marketing and Innovation

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I had the opportunity to watch a live streaming of Tony Robbins' keynote at's Dreamforce yesterday. While to some he is stuck in that moment of time when he owned the late night informercials, he has become an incredibly successful business person himself and focused his keynote on how to make business-related decisions.

One section of his keynote focused on his definition of business. He claimed that all business is, is marketing and innovation. I, for one, agree with him. In our work with other startups, we often find ourselves telling entrepreneurs that the reality of enterprise software is the best product doesn't always win. Tony said something along the same lines, asking the audience if they ever felt frustrated because a company with a lesser product was doing better than them. Many agreed.

Why? Because marketing is as important, if not more, than your company's ability to innovate on the product or service side of your business. Unfortunately "build it and they will come" is the exception not the rule.

So what are you doing to ensure you focus on marketing as much as innovation? If you are a small business owner, we understand that it's easy to slip into focusing on short term fires like immediate client needs. In some cases, small business owners get too caught up with the "feeds and speeds" because it's easier to build features or service lines than it is to deal with a "no" from potential leads and opportunities. 

We get you. We've been there. We are building a product to help! Our new social posting capabilities makes sharing content on social - even content you don't create - so easy that you will constantly stay on top of people's minds. In many ways, we are growing with you. Our own social following growth has significantly increased since we started using our own new feature.

Listening to Tony speak yesterday, I noted this point and think you might enjoy it too. Best of luck continuing to build your business!


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