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Gmail Mail Merge with Inbox Sidebar by VipeCloud

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Most sales and marketing professionals spend a significant amount of their time in email, many of those in Gmail or G Suite. Inbox Sidebar, VipeCloud's All-In-One CRM Chrome Extension, uniquely makes Gmail mail merge and mass emailing a reality.

When composing an email in Gmail, Inbox Sidebar adds an extra action bar to the bottom of the compose window. Compose your mass email as you would a regular email, and add merge tags using the Tags button in the new action bar.

Inbox Sidebar Merge Tags

Clicking any of the tag options will copy the tag to your clipboard. Simply paste them into your email.

Inbox Sidebar Compose Email with Mail Merge Tags

After you compose your email, click the dropup arrow next to the Send Now button and send yourself a test email so you can double check what the email will look like for your recipients.

Inbox Sidebar Send Test to Yourself Option for Testing Mass Emails

Your test email will be sent through VipeCloud's servers, so that we can keep your current draft email open. If you don't yet have your contact list setup in VipeCloud, click the Add Contact List button in the sidebar.

Inbox Sidebar Add Contact List

A modal will pop up which will provide instructions for how to upload your CSV, including a sample CSV template you can download.

Once your contact list is uploaded and ready to go, click the up arrow next to the Send Now button in the Inbox Sidebar action bar, and select Send to Contact List.

Inbox Sidebar Send to Contact List Option

The below modal will appear. You can select your list by typing "Mass email" and choosing from the dropdown of all your contact lists, or typing the name of your contact list.

Inbox Sidebar Choose Contact List for Mass Email

In your User Settings you can select whether you want your Gmail mail merged mass emails sent through VipeCloud's servers or through your own Gmail account. Your Gmail account will probably have the best delivery, but sending through VipeCloud's servers will provide better analytics (e.g. if the email was delivered or bounced). Either option will track email opens, attachment views, and unsubscribes. 

Note that Gmail has a daily maximum send of 1,500 emails. So, if your setting is to send your mass emails through your Gmail account and you choose a list with more than 1,500 recipients, an alert will inform you that to send to this list we'll force the email through VipeCloud's servers. 

Once you've selected your list, choose to send the mail merge email now or schedule it for later.

Inbox Sidebar Schedule Mass Email for Later or Send Now

Once you click OK your email will either begin processing immediately, or be queued to send upon your scheduled date. For every contact in your list, we will merge the appropriate tag to the contact field. We'll also add an unsubscribe option at the bottom of your email.

After you email has been sent, open, click, and other metrics are available to you from directly inside Inbox Sidebar.

Inbox Sidebar Mass Email Metrics

And there you have it! Gmail mail merge to a list of nearly any size. Now you can tee up mass emails without ever leaving Gmail.

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