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Gmail Support for VipeCloud's Inbox Sidebar

A Chome Extension for Sales and Marketing Teams

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We pride ourselves on the quality, speed, and effectiveness of our Support. That's why we built a B-Line to our support team right into the top of our Inbox Sidebar for Gmail. Whether you have a question about how something works, think something is not quite working right, or want to learn a best practice about a particular aspect of the sidebar, you can reach us for support right from Gmail.

VipeCloud Inbox Sidebar Support Screenshot

Clicking the conversation bubble will bring up a modal window for you to let us know what's going on, and to select the priority level of your request or question. Simply click

VipeCloud Feedback Modal for Gmail Support

We have historically responded to most every requests within the same day, if not the same hour. And don't hesitate to reach out - no comment or question is too simple.

We look forward to continuing to serve you!

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