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How to Evaluate Email Tracker Tools

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Email tracking is becoming increasingly valuable, and in many ways a requirement, for sales professionals to execute their roles effectively. While email open tracking can be finicky, when combined with link and attachment click tracking, it becomes an invaluable tool to measure engagement.

There are now many email tracking systems on the market - from the "traditional" email marketing systems Constant Contact and Mailchimp which some salespeople are trying to use for their own campaigns, to add-ons like Yesware and ToutApp which can plug into your CRM, to All-In-One CRMs like VipeCloud.

How should you evaluate which email tracker is best for you? We've pulled together a series of considerations to help. Note, this article is an expansion on an answer I gave to a similar question on Quora.

The best email outreach is one that achieves the following:

  1. Allows a sales person to easily send a single email, track if it’s opened, and track if attachments are viewed.
  2. #1 but also to a mail merged contact list (e.g. for targeted blast outs to ~25 people)
  3. Allows a sales person to send the trackable email through their own email account, but also support sending through 3rd party systems if the quantity of emails gets large (e.g. beyond Gmail / G Suite limit of 1,500 per day)
  4. Allows a sales person to leverage email templates. Those they create on their own, and potentially those supplied by sales ops / marketing.
  5. Automatically log all of the sent emails, received emails, AND email engagement - opens and clicks - as activities to the contact record to your CRM.
  6. Bonus - potentially also automatically create contact records from emails sent and received if they don’t already exist.

If you already have a CRM, your email tracker should do #5 with your CRM. However, if your CRM doesn't have email tracking which meets the above criteria built in, you will likely find yourself managing multiple sales-related systems. If you are a larger organization this is probably a fact of life. If not, we wish you good luck :).

If you have a CRM and are considering switching, or are evaluating a CRM for the first time, we invite you to check out VipeCloud's All-In-One CRM, which supports all of the above.

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