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HTML Newsletters, Multiple Pipelines, and More Added to VipeCloud

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We here at VipeCloud hope your May is off to a great start! Over the last month many of our product improvements were around streamlining user experiences, however, we were also able to add quite a bit of functionality as listed below. 

As many of you have heard us tell you, we stand by the phrase "there is no frustration too small" so please don't hesitate to reach out to us with ideas, questions, and feedback. We are proud of the 21 and counting positive customer reviews and the High Performer designation we've received on G2Crowd (view for yourself here:

New Features in Your VipeCloud Account

HTML email enhancements. While HTML and image heavy emails can improve your chances of ending up in the spam folder, there are occasions where they make sense and we want to support your ability to send both text and HTML emails. Below is a list of enhancements we've made to support HTML newsletters, including a link to a training video.

  1. Insert hyperlinked images. Now part of the insert image process.
  2. Video email thumbnails. Insert a thumbnail image of your video, hyperlinked to your video recorded in VipeCloud.
  3. Add sections using tables, spacers, and cell background colors to best grab your audiences' attention. 
  4. Customize your unsubscribe footer to increase your personalized approach. You can edit your mass email footer in your Email Settings (at the bottom) on the Get Started page

CRM Enhancements.

  1. Multiple pipelines. Does your organization sell multiple products and services which are best tracked through different sets of opportunity stages? Multiple Pipelines are now available to Enterprise users, and can be configured in your Get Started. 
  2. Improved task management. When viewing Company and Opportunity records, now tasks for all associated contacts are visible in the Tasks section of that record.
  3. Uncomplete tasks. Accidentally mark a task complete? Now you can "uncomplete" it.
  4. Manually add emails to opportunities. Don't want every email with a contact automatically added to an opportunity? Turn off this automation in the Opportunity Settings in Get Started, and you can manually add emails from your Inbox and Sent folders to specific opportunities.
  5. Improved Contact List management. Change a contact list name directly on the page. And remove a contact from a contact list when viewing a contact's record.

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Dare to be great,
-Adam & the VipeCloud team
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