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ICON Staffing Network Empowers Their Team To Thrive as Trusted Advisers

The staffing and recruiting industry is more competitive than most. Clients can switch firms relatively easily and instead of working with a tangible product, recruiting agencies work with candidates that can change their minds in a matter of seconds.  Recruiting firms need to consistently prove their value to stay in the hunt, and can do so in three primary ways.

  1. First, by maintaining an inventory of highly qualified candidates. 
  2. Second, by offering client companies incredibly simple processes in which to work with their firm. 
  3. Third and most importantly, by acting as a partner of value to their client organizations. 

As cliché as it is, people are a company's most important assets. For a recruiting firm to become a partner of value to their clients, the firm and each recruiter representing it needs to elevate itself beyond the role of a transaction manager and into a "trusted advisor."

The ICON Staffing Network understands this at a cultural level and invests in solutions for their recruiters to thrive as trusted advisors.

Whether via email or social, ICON understands that a powerful way to position themselves on the same side of the table as their clients is to continually make available updates about the market, best practices for hiring, and sometimes even generically interesting news or perspectives about business.

Generating and sourcing this high value content can require a tremendous amount of time - time that recruiters do not realistically have. ICON sought out a better way, and found one with VipeCloud. VipeCloud enables ICON to centralize content creation and sourcing to a single individual on their team, who disseminates that content in a shareable form to each recruiter.

To make sure the content is as relevant as possible, ICON even goes so far as to share different types of content with separate, pre-defined teams across their organization.

How does this empower their recruiters?

ICON's recruiters regularly receive curated content relevant to their customers that they can preview and share in one-click. Recruiters at ICON remain focused on their day-to-day activities while also positioning themselves as trusted advisors to their social networks and existing contacts.

The result?

ICON enables their team to seemingly invent more time in the day, "be everywhere," and consistently be the source of high-value, topical content. New leads are generated, orders are accelerated, and more revenue is created.

For more detailed information about how ICON implemented VipeCloud to supercharge their recruiters, click below to download the case study:

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