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Increase LinkedIn Lead Generation with VipeCloud's Chrome Extension

LinkedIn is like an online cocktail party. With more than 400 million users, it's probably the largest business-related cocktail party you'll ever have the chance of attending. Further, 100 million of those users are "regulars" (LinkedIn's monthly active user count).

How good are you at working the crowd?

Some people are naturally better at working a crowd than others. We all know the folks who only ever talk about their jobs - what's worse is that these folks often like to talk a LOT about their jobs. (Kind of like CrossFit folks ;).

If you participate this way on LinkedIn, like in real life, you will soon experience most of your audience selectively not paying attention to what you're saying.

Those who excel at maintaining people's attention mix it up. Sure they mention their job every now and then, but their audience wants to listen to them because more often than not they are interesting

How do you become interesting?

Here in lies the rub - most think it is time consuming to continually stay on top of what's news. That's where VipeCloud comes in, in three ways:

  1. All VipeCloud members receive a weekly list of 5 interesting things they can post to LinkedIn in one click. Why spend time coming up with interesting things when systems like ours can drop them in your lap? 
  2. VipeCloud paid users can supplement the system-wide weekly alert with content from their marketing team. Centralize the time consuming part to one person, across your entire team.
  3. All VipeCloud members can use our Chrome Extension to post content they come across during regular web browsing in one-click.
Our free Chrome Extension sits up in your browser like the below image.

Clicking the VipeCloud favicon displays VipeCloud's share modal, from which you can post the article to LinkedIn in one click! Further, you can also post to Twitter or Google+ or even email the page to someone the article reminds you of.

It's as easy as pie! Well, quite a bit easier than pie. With a few posts a week, whether from our weekly email, Chrome extension, or your marketing team, you will quickly become the "bell of the ball" on LinkedIn. When your presence is recognized, people start remembering what you do. And when they have a need, who do you think they will reach out to?

Try VipeCloud's Chrome Extension today...

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