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Introducing Advanced Mass Email - the Most Effective Mass Emails

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To help you kick off 2018 on the right foot, we here at VipeCloud are thrilled to announce the *most* effective way to mass email, Advanced Mass Email, in addition to several other product updates.

Advanced Mass Email

  1. What is it? Advanced Mass Email (AME) allows you to delay your mass email sends to one email per minute, instead of a rapid blast out. Compose a mass email in VipeCloud and a button to define your Advanced Mass Email settings appears.
  2. Why AME?
    1. Improved Delivery to the Inbox. Instead of overwhelming an exchange server with a blast of emails, by trickling them in they are viewed more as single emails and have an improved chance of inbox'ing as a result.
    2. Improved Open Rates. With more deliveries comes more opens. In our internal usage of AME the open rates have improved significantly.
    3. More Consistency in your Business. Instead of sending a blast out every once in a while, with AME you can "set it and forget it" and consistently generate conversations about your business.
  3. More Information.
    1. You can set the hours of the day for each day of the week you'd like your email to send, and also a maximum number of emails per day. (e.g. process your AME from 9am to 5pm on weekdays).
    2. AME is an Enterprise level feature. However, we are so excited about its ability to help you grow your business that we will be offering a discount to customers who upgrade to Enterprise in January. Reply to this email to learn more.

Additional Product Updates

  1. Merge lists. Select more than one of your contact lists to merge them into a single, new list with no duplicates.
  2. Filter View and Column View overview videos have been added to Get Started.
  3. In Company and Opportunity records, the associated contacts can now be selected and sent a mass email.
  4. Video Encoding Alert. If you are viewing a video which has not yet finished encoding, an alert is now displayed and the page automatically refreshes every few seconds until the video plays.
  5. Custom Field Improvements. Several enhancements here including setting custom values when you manually create CRM items, inline changing your custom fields in the table and record views, and a new custom field report.
  6. Series Enhancements. When launching a series from a template, you can now edit the email template just for that send.
  7. Report Improvements. Values in the Item Counts reports now link to the CRM items which make up the item counts.
  8. We've also made several minor usability updates and bug fixes.

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