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Is it Better to Post Content You Find or Make?

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It's best to post both. But let's first take a step back and ask, why would you post anything at all? The answer: because posting social content is like the chit chat at the beginning of a sales call. It builds for your prospective clients 1) your character as a human being and 2) your trusted advisor-ship as an informed professional.

We've previously discussed how LinkedIn is like an online cocktail party. But as time goes on we're realizing that Twitter is too, and Facebook is really not. Facebook is for your friends, and the occasional announcement about your company which you're proud about.

For LinkedIn and Twitter, it's best to post often. So two questions about what content to post become:

  1. How much content can you or your company realistically produce?
  2. How much content that your company produces does your network realistically want to see?

From these questions we can begin to establish some basic metrics. Do you think your network would be happy seeing one company-related post to every three non-company-related posts? That seems reasonable. So does one to five.

Let's break it down further. The more non-company-related content you post, the larger your following will become. Of course, this assumes that the content you post reaches a bare minimum of professionalism and you tag and hashtag relevant people and topics to improve the ability to get found.

And the larger your following, the more people that will end up hearing your company messages when you post them.

And there you have it. A short, hopefully simple and logical explanation of posting content on social. 

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