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Is Your All In One CRM A Vendor Or A Partner?

· All In One CRM

Many software-as-a-service companies these days position themselves as an app, which can connect to one or more of the several other apps you have. One of the most common "parent" apps for a sales and marketing team is their Customer Relationship Management system, their CRM.

As a result of having one- to two- dozen apps for various tasks, is that you simply can't develop a relationship with the app vendor. And they often price that fact into their model. Conversely, if you have a CRM in addition to several apps, it can be challenging to develop a relationship with the CRM itself, because you spent so much time managing a bunch of apps.

What happens when you make the switch to an All In One CRM? You shed the time of having to become an "expert" in the app ecosystem, because you no longer need to research what's out there. You also shed the time from managing several apps.

The result when things are done right? Your All In One CRM becomes your go to software for managing your sales and marketing. Your marketing and sales teams now using the same software, the data is communicating well between teams, and if you have a question or a feature request, you have a single point of contact.

When an All In One CRM is done right, they are truly a partner. In fact, they are essentially a member of your team.

We embrace that philosophy here at VipeCloud and invite you to join the VipeCloud family.

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