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Is Your Email Marketing Too Expensive? Try VipeCloud

If you visit the pricing pages of the major email marketing providers, there will likely be an attractive, small'ish looking number as a "get started" price. However, when you click to calculate your actual pricing or dive deeper into the details there is a good chance the price you end up paying will be higher than that initial number which caught your eye.

Maybe your list size is larger than their minimum bracket? Or maybe there is a key feature which is only available at the next tier? If this rings true for you, we encourage you to try VipeCloud's simple email marketing.

As mentioned in our email marketing help article, our mass emailing functionality was originally inspired as a result of frustration we developed trying to use other systems. In some cases it took a half dozen steps to send out a mass email, and in others there were many features we were paying for which we had no intention of using - take HTML email templates for example.

VipeCloud's mass emailing functionality was designed to be simple for you to use, and as a result, increase the odds that your recipients will open, read, and view a correctly rendered email - as you would expect.

The model we went with is simple, choose a plan which will support the amount of contacts you have, and don't be a spammer. Our free plan will let you test the mass email functionality, and our two paid levels should offer contact limits well above the size of your lists.

If you are interested in saving resources - time and money, we invite you to try VipeCloud free.

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