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Learn who opened which attachment - VipeCloud adds multiple attachment tracking

VipeCloud announces that our users can now send emails with multiple trackable links and attachments. Our email widget is nearing complete parody with "normal" email senders - though supercharged with insights. 
A natural supplement to our multiple To and Cc enhancement, our users can now know exactly who opened which attachment. Did the decision maker view the proposal or the presentation? Or both? 
Systems that track attachment views via Gmail or Outlook are limited to informing a user that "someone" viewed one of the attachments. By sending emails through VipeCloud, our tracking system will inform you if it was the decision maker or admin who viewed your attachment.
We are excited to continually and rapidly enhance our offering, and we are thankful to our users for all of the wonderful ideas. Keep 'em coming!
Happy selling!
-Adam & the VipeCloud team
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