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Looking for a MailChimp Alternative? Try VipeCloud's All-In-One CRM

If you are asking yourself which email marketing system to use, we think you might also be wondering why you need to subscribe to so many different systems. VipeCloud is an "all in one" customer relationship management system, and we encourage you to consider us as an alternative to MailChimp.

Unlike MailChimp, we offer email marketing AND pipeline management AND several other powerful functionalities which will save you and your business from subscribing to too many specialized software products out there.

Customers have told us that our email marketing is simpler and our drip marketing is more automated. When we heard that, we started to think maybe other folks should think of VipeCloud as a MailChimp alternative too. So we decided to write this blog post :).

Some of the additional functionality you will gain access to when you try VipeCloud includes:

  1. Email marketing in two steps. 
  2. Easy drip marketing.
  3. One to one emails, where you can track opens and clicks. 
  4. Automated contact and company creation, for your contact management.
  5. Call lists created from customers who click on your emails.
  6. Automatic contact activity and engagement tracking.
  7. Pipeline management.
  8. Task management.
  9. Social drip campaigns.
  10. And much more...
On top of all that, you will more than likely speak to a human being at VipeCloud much faster than at any of the "big" folks. We encourage you to try us today!
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