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Manage Gmail Tasks with Inbox Sidebar by VipeCloud

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One of the most common issues we hear from Outlook users who are not yet ready to transition to Gmail, is that task management in Gmail is not nearly as flushed out as it is in Outlook. While I believe Outlook is more of a personal management system than Gmail's more purebred email system, I still believe the complaint is a fair statement. Gmail tasks consists entirely of: 

Gmail Add Task Modal

There really isn't much there. Enter VipeCloud's Inbox Sidebar. Inbox Sidebar includes much more robust task management. You can set a type, deadline, alert, attribute the task to a contact, and more. Here is our add task modal:

VipeCloud Add Task Modal

Now that's more like it! All of your tasks are visible in our collapsible sidebar as well. Your task list in the sidebar can be displayed in different ways as Custom Views, too. Open tasks, closed tasks, closed within the last day, etc. 

VipeCloud Inbox Sidebar Task Views

Again, more robust. We encourage you try VipeCloud's Inbox Sidebar today!

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