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More Contact and Company Data Fields Added to VipeCloud

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The unsexy can often have meaningful impact. In response to the growing requirement of storing, accessing, and slicing customer data in as many ways as possible VipeCloud has added additional standard fields to contact and company records. A pleasant side benefit is these custom fields now save customers from having to create as many custom fields, reducing customer implementation requirements.

New Contact record fields include:

  • Direct phone, and Phone (in addition to Work and Mobile Phone fields already in place)
  • Personal LinkedIn Url
  • Personal Facebook Url
  • Personal Twitter Url
  • Email Validation Status (for those who import lists from an email verifying service like

New Company record fields include:

  • Company LinkedIn Url
  • Company Facebook Url
  • Company Twitter Url
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Revenue Range (a text field to better allow importing data from 3rd party systems)
  • Number of Locations
  • Industry

In addition to the added fields, all contact and company records can be mapped on a contact list import, and used in your Filter Views and Column Views.

As all of our customers know, we are constantly evaluating how the product is being used in order to continually improve their experience. Thank you for the feedback!

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