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Moving from Sales Productivity to Sales Simplicity

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The term Sales Stack has replaced Sales Infrastructure as the buzzword among sales aficionados. The term itself includes an underlying suggestion that multiple sales tools are required in order to have a "stack." 

We have also found that often times features masquerading as products are negotiating for a layer of the stack with a marketing message of "sales productivity." These features publish stats which support their marketing message, and bury those that don't.

What the myriad sales tools fail to communicate is that for each additional tool in your sales stack, inertia is added to your sales process known as Seller Burden. The best description of Seller Burden I have seen is by Tibor Shanto of Renbor Sales Solutions in an article he published on LinkedIn,

"One of the hidden challenges of the Stack is the ripple effect it brings. Things impacted include process and impact on work-flows; time requirements to learn adopt and assimilate by the front line. Each new resource brings with it additional stakeholders, each with their own view on “things”; then come the approvals at various points, not to mention support. This leads to what CEB has termed the ‘Seller Burden’. As shared at the recent CEB’s Sales & Marketing Thought Leader Roundtable, this Seller Burden is having a direct impact on sales success, and can be attributed to the new, and many argue unnecessary, complexity..."

The punchline is that Sales Productivity is a ruse to not only get your attention, but to divert it from the true costs of attaining that productivity. Those costs including changes to processes, workflows, learning the tool, stakeholders of the tool, etc.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

As Leonardo da Vinci famously wrote, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." We encourage you to simplify your Sales Stack and benefit from the real sales productivity gains which will inevitably be realized.

Good luck!

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