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New LinkedIn Design Highlights Sharing Activity - Are You Out of Sight and Out of Mind?

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LinkedIn announced in January an overhaul of their desktop design. It appeared today for me for the first time. And I like it! As advertised, the new design is much simpler and less cluttered.

As we at VipeCloud have been predicting, the new design highlights sharing activity more than ever before.

The display of sharing activity is improved through their new algorithms, and also some pretty significant UI cues. First, let's look at the home screen. Right when I log in I'm presented with recent profile views and (and this is very new) recent post views. I'm instantly made aware of how effective my last post was.

Both numbers are interesting. The new post views count is exciting. Now I have a feedback mechanism which I can track over time to compare how my posts are doing, and how my engagement is increasing or decreasing.

Following our own advice of posting 3rd party content and our own, I feel pretty good that 93 people viewed my most recent post. My 3rd party posts are generating an audience. When I do share something from my own company, I'm now confident people will see it.

Sharing Activity Highlighted on Profile

Some of you who are LinkedIn experts will remember the old design where you had to click a non-intuitive dropdown, to then go to a separate page to see a user's sharing activity. That's all changed now. Sharing activity is now directly below the summary banner on your profile. A tip of the hat to building relationships based on contemporary context instead of just a resume and references.

My posts, my likes, and my comments - collectively my activity - is all now highly visible.

What about for you? Have you posted anything recently? If you don't believe you have the time to post, try signing up for VipeCloud to receive a weekly list of trending content. You can post any of them to LinkedIn in a single click from directly inside the email.

People are spending time on LinkedIn viewing other people's posts. If they aren't viewing what you're posting, are you out of sight and out of mind?

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