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One-Click Video Email Added To VipeCloud

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Sometimes getting to simple is a process. We at VipeCloud have supported video email for some time, and are thrilled to announce several simplifications to the workflow. Of course, our new "one-click video email" is fully incorporated into our entire Growth Stack on our web and mobile apps.

In several places throughout the product you will now find this video camera icon:

Video Email Icon

Clicking the camera begins the following workflow:

  1. A recorder opens for you to record your video email. 
  2. After recording your video, the compose email modal pops up. 
  3. While you are waiting for the video to encode (typically less than 30 seconds), you can rename your video and begin composing your email subject. 
  4. Once your video is encoded the copy for your email is auto-loaded with a greeting, a link to view your video email, and a hyperlinked thumbnail to view your video email. We also display a preview link if you'd like to review the video. 
Auto-Loaded Video Email Copy

Where all can you find the video email icon? Seemingly everywhere...

1. The Send Email button in the black navigation bar at the top of the page is now a dropdown, with the dropdown option being Send Video Email.

Send Video Email

1a. On the VipeCloud mobile app the Video Email button is available at all times in the nav bar at the top of the app.

VipeCloud Mobile App Video Email

2. Clicking the Plus button in the upper left hand corner of the product reveals our Quick Add bar. The Video Email icon is the rightmost Quick Add.

Video Email Quick Add

3. When viewing a Contact Record, you can click to send them a video email.

Contact Record Video Email Button

4. When viewing any Contacts table, the Contact Popover has the video email button.

Contact Popover Video Email

5. When viewing your Contact Lists, you can click to send your entire contact list a video email.

Send Contact List Video Email

As we said, the video email button is seemingly everywhere! When you send the video email, you will also gain insights into email opens, video views, and how long the recipient was visiting the video landing page.

We invite you to try VipeCloud's Video Email today!

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