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Preview Text, Toggle Link Click Tracking, and More Email Enhancements

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If you know anything about us here at VipeCloud, you know that we are rapidly improving our product in an effort to accelerate your growth! Below are some of this last month's email-related enhancements.

Customize Preview Text

Preview text is the copy that appears after the subject on your phone notifications and in your Gmail or Outlook inbox, like the below.

Customize Your Preview Text

It is traditionally the first words of your email, but we have implemented a way for you to customize it! For example, we used custom Preview Text in this email. Instead of seeing the link to the logo and "Hi" you should see "VipeCloud newsletter announcing a pricing increase, new features, and favorite blog articles" in the preview.

Note that different previews have different character limits, ranging from 35 characters on your phone up to about 140 characters in your email client. A Preview Text button has been added when you compose an email or an email template.

Toggle Open and Link Click Tracking

Some data has suggested that tracking link clicks can reduce your ability to inbox, and thus your open rates. In the Email Settings box in Get Started, we now let you toggle your open and link click tracking on and off. Of course, if you turn off either one you will no longer receive the associated alerts.

Toggle Email Open and Link Click Tracking

Cancel Scheduled Email If Inbound Email

This was designed to help salespeople who are asked to follow up with a prospect in X weeks or months. Now you can immediately compose and schedule your email and it will be canceled if that contact writes you before your email was scheduled to send. Your inbox has to be sync'd in order for this to work.

Schedule Emails - Cancel If Inbound Before Launch Date

That's it for now. Stay tuned as we have lots more in the queue!

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