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Product Updates: Merge Tags Dropdown in Email Composer and Contact List Enhancements

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Another week packed full of product enhancements - largely due to your feedback. Thanks! Below is a description of what's new and improved.

You no longer have to type merge tags into the email body! We've added a dropdown to our rich text editor which will add your selected merge tag right where your cursor is. 

Don't forget that we also support merge tags in the subject!

Open rates tend to be higher when people see their first name right in the subject of the email.

We also made several improvements to our contact list management.

  1. Search results and contact records now include a listing of which contact lists the contact is a member of.
  2. Admins can view and edit contact lists created by any member on your team. 
  3. Viewing the contacts of a contact list supports linking directly to the contact record (a no brainer). 
  4. Unsubscribe and bounce lists can be viewed, managed, and exported from your User Settings. If you are an admin you can view your own unsubscribes and bounces, in addition to your entire account's. 
  5. UI/UX improvements to contact list management.
  6. Speed improvements to all things contact list related. 

A quick reminder that unsubscribes are account wide and bounces are system wide.

Thank you again for your support of VipeCloud. We continue to be thankful for your feedback and commit to rapid product development!

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