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Quick Tips For Your Small Business Holiday Email Newsletter

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There is an old sales adage that the more conversations you have with your market, the more customers you'll acquire. Holiday email newsletters are the perfect excuse to continue or begin a conversation. However, there are a couple things it should avoid altogether, and a sweet spot your message should target.

Two Things To Avoid In Your Holiday Newsletter

First, don't simply wish folks Happy Holidays. You only have so many times you can reach out to your email list each year, and an email which does not add any real value is not the best use of anyone's time.

    The second thing to avoid is to use your holiday email newsletter as an excuse to communicate, and then turn around and really just be asking your recipients to do something to benefit you. It is the season of giving, and that is exactly what you should try and accomplish.

    The Holiday Newsletter Sweet Spot

    The sweet spot is to do more than just with your audience Happy Holidays but not so much that you are overtly selling them something. As with every email marketing campaign, the secret to long term success is to add or offer value. Examples of value can include:

    1. Updates about you, your business, or your product that your customers will benefit from knowing.
    2. Tips, tricks, or insights about your market of which your customers might not be aware.
    3. If you can't fulfill either of those, share a holiday insight or trivia tidbit folks might not know. For example, did you know venison, not turkey, was the primary meat at the first Thanksgiving?

    Good Luck!

    As with every campaign, a little bit of luck doesn't hurt. Luck favors the prepared, so hopefully these tips will prove helpful. May the muses be with you!

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