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RSS To Email Makes Newsletters Simple for Small Businesses

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As a small business you have a LOT on your plate. Not the least of which is maintaining a blog and regularly emailing your contacts with a newsletter. What if you could combine those two? VipeCloud's new RSS to Email capability makes email newsletters simple. Now all your hard work on your blog will double as the content for your newsletter. Boom! (Bonus: below we also share how to power a subscription to your blog also using RSS to Email Recurring Sends.)

How to Setup RSS to Email

You can setup your RSS to Email in just a couple steps. Let's walk through how you might send our a newsletter.

Step 1. Copy the link for RSS feed for your blog to your clipboard. For example, the one for VipeCloud's blog is

Step 2. Go to the new Email tab dropdown in VipeCloud, RSS to Email, and click to Create RSS to Email Template. After pasting in your RSS feed link, we'll load a template for you which you can customize to your liking.

VipeCloud RSS To Email Template

As you can see in the template, the newsletter pretty much writes itself for you. Configure the max number of articles you want to include, the length of the article descriptions, and maybe even personalize the introduction. Once your template is configured, it's time to send it out! We give you a few options:

VipeCloud RSS To Email Action Options

As with all mass emails sent out through VipeCloud, you can send a test to yourself to ensure the look and feel is exactly how you want it. Once you are satisfied the test emails look good you have two other options: send it to a list of recipients (from contact lists in your VipeCloud account), or to create the RSS to Email template.

Why might you want to create a template? Well, your newsletters should happen regularly. If you come back in a month to send your next newsletter, your template is already setup! There is also a bonus reason to create the template...

Use VipeCloud's RSS To Email to Power your Blog Subscriptions

Now this takes things to the next level. Combined with VipeCloud's Sign up Forms, which can be embedded on your blog or website, you can setup your RSS Template to send on a regular interval. For example, email your blog subscription contact list once daily whenever you write a new blog.

VipeCloud RSS To Email Recurring Send Configuration

Once you have a template setup, you can set up Recurring Sends which can be configured to the interval of your choice, including, only sending new articles.

We are really excited about this new addition to the VipeCloud platform, as it is directly inline with our vision to save small businesses from subscribing to too many overspecialized products. We invite you to try our RSS to Email functionality today!

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